A beautiful piece shedding a unique light on Guadi, one of my inspirtations

Bespoke Traveler

The house breathed, heaving slowly underneath me, a living entity. Or perhaps the undulating rooftop I stood upon aroused that sentiment. Twisting spires next to me, like the flared nostrils of a dragon, wheezed out ventilation. Casa Mila was not what I expected: fanciful for ornamentation’s sake. Instead, it was at once grotesque and beautiful with a sinuous synthesis of form and function that engulfed me. As a lover of classical architecture, I was not interested in pursuing the labors of Antoni Gaudí while in Barcelona, Spain. The Catalan architect’s craft was antithesis to my preferred Greco-Roman styles. I recoiled from his impractical exuberance and lack of plane geometry. Rambling the city, however, the billowing never-ending curves of this façade arrested me. I wondered if I had missed the essence of Gaudí’s perspective when I first saw the systematic fluidity of Casa Mila. I was compelled to…

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